Rey Gonzalez


Rey Gonzalez has spent most his professional life working to improve safety, efficiency and profitability through the enhancement of human performance. 

Rey has done so with a keen focus on improving coaching and mentoring as well as helping management and workers understand how to use the Human Performance Tools in a manner to most effectively minimize their potential for making mistakes on the job, as well as in helping supervisors and managers become excellent coaches and role models of desired behaviors. Rey helps management understand their role and responsibilities with providing a strong organization with effective defenses in place to minimize mistakes and eliminate undesirable events.

Rey is a power plant professional with 39 years of diversified technical and organizational experience in the areas of operations, training, quality assurance, work management, Organizational Effectiveness and Human Performance (HU). Rey is also an  Associate Fellow for the University of North Texas Health and Sciences Center, Institute for Patient Safety mentoring the Medical Staff and Students in Human Performance and related aspects for Patient Safety.

Of note are Rey's contributions in his development of (1) Coaching to Enhance Performance®, an approach to coaching that has received tremendous results (and rave reviews for its effectiveness) within the US commercial nuclear and non-nuclear electrical industries; (2) Trigger Training™ which is a first of its kind training in human error reduction; and (3) Executive level mentoring to enhance leader behaviors and coaching skills for culture transformation in performance and safety improvement.

Ron Farris



Ron is a dynamic problem solver who utilizes High Reliability Operations, Resilience Engineering, and Human Performance skills and knowledge to solve complex problems. An effective communicator who can work with all levels of the organization to resolve identified issues with creative solutions. Over thirty years of combined experience in nuclear operations, nuclear maintenance, industrial safety, and human factors research. Previously an adjunct professor at the University of Idaho teaching courses in support of the Human Performance Certificate Program and Accident Investigation.

Sandy Lamb


Sandy has a passion for helping business leaders and owners and is known for challenging the status quo to get the best out of your greatest asset, people. She focused her entire career on process improvement, strategic planning, innovation, leadership development and human performance to ensure that her projects came to a successful and more importantly, safe completion. She saw business coaching as the perfect opportunity for her to give back the expertise and operational insights she learned in corporate America while affording her the opportunity to spend more time blending family and wellness into her life. As owner of Altitude Business Coaching, Sandy will help you to focus on the areas of time, team, money and strategy needed to inspire you and your business to reach new heights

In the Corporate World - Sandy had a long career, spanning 27 years with Bechtel Corporation in several business lines, across numerous functions including Cost and Schedule Management, Marketing and Strategy, Contract Management, Acquisitions, Program and Project Management. She was fortunate to travel with her family throughout the U.S. assigned to many signature projects: including Homeland Security Technology Program at Nevada Test Site training first responders, an Extended Power Uprate project at St. Lucie Nuclear Power Plant in Florida, and most recently, destroying chemical weapons at Army Pueblo Chemical Depot in Colorado for the Department of Defense as part of the international treaty administered by OPCW. 

In the Community - Sandy is a graduate from Johns Hopkins University with an MBA in International Business and completed her undergraduate studies at Western Illinois University with a Bachelor of Business in Economics. She loves to volunteer her time in the community and in her church. She has a passion for helping children in need and her family has been sponsoring Victor, who lives in Burkina Faso, through Compassion International since 2014. She is a member of the Colorado Springs Regional Action Committee for Women’s Foundation of Colorado, was recently elected as Vice President of Membership for Toastmasters International (Downtown chapter) and is a facilitator and consultant for the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) in Colorado Springs.

Dick Cole


With over 40 years of experience in government and commercial generating facilities, Dick Cole is an established expert serving the energy industry. Dick leverages his hands-on leadership and academic experience with a talent for presenting complex organizational and cultural concepts in a manner that assists his clients in implementing long-term solutions to maximize organizational performance. 

Steve Koenig


  Steve has spent much of his professional career understanding that leaders get work performed through the efforts of others. As such, Steve believes in and practices the art of effective coaching and mentoring as the primary means of instilling the standards and expectations necessary to ensure that others complete work activities safely and as expected. 

Ed Gatto


Ed has 33 years of commercial nuclear experience with specialties in the following areas;  Coaching, Leadership, Supervision, Teambuilding, Project Management, Human Performance, Performance Analysis, Root Cause Evaluation, and a Systematic Approach to Training. Certified in Senior Reactor Operations and through the National Registry of Radiation Protection Technologists.

Joe Eassa


Joe has 33 years in the commercial nuclear industry with a keen focus on plant operations and operations training. Joe's specialties include, but are not limited to; human performance analysis, coaching, delivery of training in various dynamic settings and development of training. Certified with the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations as an Instructor. 

Robert Buckingham


Robert is a Performance Improvement Leader who strengthens employee safety and reliability through practical implementation of error management and human performance improvement technology. Robert drives safe, creative, efficient and ethical solutions using expertise in human performance, safety, service reliability and overall customer satisfaction. Robert can identify root causes using proven and thorough investigation methodologies and produce meaningful and effective corrective actions. Areas of expertise include: Performance Analysis, Human Error   Prevention, Learning Program   Design and Delivery, Incident   Investigation, Safety Culture Improvement, Observation and Coaching, Strategic Planning and Execution and Emergency Restoration Leadership.

Tony Muschara


 Tony specializes in human error management, a risk-based approach to managing human risk. Tony has served on nuclear industry working groups associated with human performance (Electric Power Research Institute - EPRI and Nuclear Energy Institute – NEI), and he has presented papers at several industry meetings including several IEEE conferences on human factors and power plants. 

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  Mr. Weatherby is a safety systems professional with over 35 years experience designing safety programs for the nuclear, transportation, manufacturing, and resort industries. He specializes in human performance, cause analysis, event investigation, and six-sigma applications. He is the former National Co-Chair for the Department of Energy's Human Performance Task Team, and has worked in the nuclear / energy industry for 20+ years. He has been an adjunct professor for human performance and accident investigation at the University of Idaho, a featured speaker at several national conferences, including Human Performance Root Cause and Trending (HPRCT) and others. He holds a Bachelors (BS) from Minnesota State University, and a Masters (MS) from the University of Idaho. His academic focus areas are Industrial Safety and Organizational Behavior/Systems Engineering. He lives in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and is an active skier, hunter, and fisherman.  

Bobby Garcia



Bobby has more than 37 years of experience in commercial generation including nuclear, natural gas and fossil fuels. His focus for most of those years was engaging others to recognize and achieve industry standards of excellence.  Bobby's efforts concentrate on helping all levels of the organization to internalize past operating experience, improve human performance skills, coach leadership behaviors and understand behavior-based methods of improvement. This led to reduced accident and human performance rates at several commercial generation power plants. Bobby has also worked in several corporate oversight positions through which he provided consultation, assessment and guidance to several organizations across the United States.