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Experienced, Personal Consulting

Experienced, Personal ConsultingExperienced, Personal Consulting

Coaching to Enhance Performance (CTEP®)


HOPE Consulting offers Coaching to Enhance Performance® (CTEP®). This is an observation process that is designed to develop an engaged, thinking workforce through a collaborative coaching and learning environment. This powerful process results in positive transformation of employee morale, enhanced empowerment and ownership of individual performance.  What you will see is immediate behavior changes in personal performance that aligns with expectations for high reliability (quality), enhanced production, as well as improved nuclear and personnel safety.  CTEP® provides the solutions to any ineffectiveness related to engagement or coaching within an observation process.  CTEP®’s power comes from practical training that follows classroom training and understanding of what transforms worker behavior (consistently a client favorite).  Enhanced coaching is necessary for both in-house and supplemental craft.
Primary objectives for Coaching to Enhance Performance Training are:​  

  • Describe the elements of effective observations.
  • Describe the keys to effective communication.  
  • Review ways to shape an individual’s mindset and perception to positively influence behaviors.  
  • Describe the power of Positive Reinforcement.  
  • Describe the model for effective engagement used during the observation debriefing process.  
  • Describe various worker reactions that can result during the coaching processes.  
  • Describe the importance of reinforcing expected fundamental knowledge as well as proper Human Performance (HU) & Industrial Safety during coaching.  
  • Demonstrate how to provide coaching in the work environment through Coaching to Enhance Performance™ training.  

NOTE: Qualification for this course is obtained through after-class practical training with the successful demonstration of coaching techniques in the work environment.  HOPE Consulting LLC has the services needed to help organizations reach top performance including; Human Performance training, effective engagement through “Coaching to Enhance Performance®” and Trigger Training™. Contact us for additional information and examples of recent applications of services. 

Trigger Training™


Trigger Training™ is designed to aid all employees in identifying when they may be in a state of uncertainty triggering them to STOP and seek assistance.  HOPE Consulting has found that typically there are “triggers” that precede an undesirable event.  Also, many people state in interviews after an event, they were “certain” they were on the right path!  Some have said they do not believe you can know when you are in uncertainty space when “you don’t know, what you don’t know.” HOPE Consulting has an answer to this challenge via a 4 hour course based on industry operating experience.
Through the simple identification of “triggers” all employees can become better at STOPPING WHEN UNCERTAIN. Trigger Training™ will use your industry specific experience in the form of case studies to show “triggers” that preceded an event which are easy to identify if you are sensitive to their existence. Sensitivity comes through education and reinforcement.  Triggers fall into several categories, one of which is merely a situation or condition that is, from the beginning, different than normal.
Primary basic objectives for Trigger Training are: 

  • Understand the importance of verbalizing a Questioning Attitude
  • Understand how Questioning Attitude and STOP WHEN UNSURE work together
  • Demonstrate the ability to identify a “trigger”
  • Understand  how to recognize you are in a state of uncertainty based on identification of “triggers”
  • Optional enhanced objectives can be customized to any desired focus area or audience.



The goal of organizations seeking to become a High Reliability Organization (HRO) is not mere safety compliance, but high performance that achieves high reliability. HROs enable workers to be part of the process that focuses on ways of bringing “precision execution” to the workplace. HOPE’s Precision Execution model and methods provide a balanced approach that recognizes failure paths, identifies who must do what when failure occurs, and creates clarity about what must go absolutely right to be successful.HROs recognize that resource constraints can lead to variability in task demands, resource allocation, and put a strain on workers such that they must adapt in ways the organization did not anticipate. This variability in the form of workarounds and human error manifest itself in the form of individual safety incidents and undesirable system events. To counter this variability HROs develop worker capacity to identify and mitigate for error, create controls for the various sources of energy, and identify and eliminate hazards. HROs fully recognize that today's world of work is complex and dynamic, and if not for the intelligent adaptive human, organizations would have more failures, not less. These workers are in the unique position to help not only identify organizational weaknesses but often they know how best to solve the problems they face as they perform their work. It is imperative that organizations striving to become an HRO consider how to build this capacity in their workforce. This class is a very significant and important step in that direction.This half-day class will provide the participants with HOPE Consulting’s Precision Execution principles and practices that will ultimately reshape not only how you think about your work activities, but also how best to approach them to reduce undesirable events. This class will also help optimize your safety improvement efforts through a new view of risk management, human reliability and fallibility, and overall performance improvement. Operational and maintenance staff and leaders will immediately understand how they can improve their “tailboards” or pre-job briefs, and other task preparation efforts. This is achieved by creating a clear focus on the critical elements of each work activity by addressing those actions that if performed improperly will cause immediate and irreversible harm or damage to your assets (people, equipment, facility, etc.). This course has also been designed to create a paradigm shift in thinking about risk management, risk and risk perception, hazards, and hazard recognition to achieve your company’s desired safety goals. Additionally, your organization will understand how to leverage these concepts and techniques to improve your overall efficiency and quality while simultaneously reducing the cost of error by all your staff as they go about their daily work activities. This approach will help you continue your journey towards creating a Culture of Reliability and becoming an HRO. Learning Objectives:Describe the means and method to dramatically improve your Pre-Job Briefs through:

  • Better communications about risk and hazards
  • Improved risk perception 
  • Evaluation of your defense-in-depth 
  • Internalization and ownership of the value error prevention
  • Identification of error mitigation tools and techniques
  • Gained efficiencies by knowing what to focus on and how 
  • The identification of “what must absolutely go right”
  • An understanding of how to “fail safe”and,
  • What workers must do “when things go wrong”

Understand and describe the differences between risk and risk perception.
Understand and describe methods to close the gap between risk and risk perception.
Understand and define applied concepts for Critical Steps and Risk Important Actions.
Describe an understanding how HOPE's Precise Execution model will facilitate real-time risk management by all members of your organizations including procedure writers, engineers, operators, maintenance staff, and safety professionals.