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Client #1

Provided client consultation to the Chief Nuclear Officer, Site VPs and Plant manager in the areas of organizationally improved behaviors for an overall cultural shift in performance improvement, on-going high standards and more ownership and accountability at the line level. The specific methodology used was CTEP®. August 2015; Client received a “Strength” in Coaching and Leadership from an Industry regulator.

Provided client consultation in the area of executive mentoring for a newly appointed Operations Director to enhance his ability to demonstrate what it looks like to be “an Operations led organization” and improved “command and control” within the Operations organization (OPS management team).  Additional mentoring was provided for second in command to the Engineering Director to enhance his ability to demonstrate what it looks like to own and have accountability for station equipment reliability.

Client #2

Provided an assessment of performance that resulted in identified areas for improvement and recommendations. One area for improvement involved low risk perception, especially during high work periods such as a power plant outage. Worker level declining performance showed workers not recognizing when they where leaving rule-based performance and entering knowledge-based performance where the error rate is considerably higher. For this reason the client chose Trigger Training™ and as a result of improved recognition of risk, had better performance during the next outage.

Client #3

Provided Trigger Training™ due to client’s Industry regulator identifying a weakness in management’s ability to recognize Latent Organizational Weaknesses. This training was so well received that a decision was made to train the entire organization and the next quarter performance metrics for “conservative bias” showed improvement as well as a continued improving trend in overall human performance measures. 

Specific contact information for the above clients can be provided for validation purposes. 


Ross Ridenoure, Former Senior Vice President and Chief Nuclear Officer, Southern California Edison

 “Rey is one of most passionate and knowledgeable human performance professionals I've had the pleasure to work with at any time during my career. He has great platform skills and is able to convey even complex ideas in a logical, easy-to-understand way that "stick" with the audience - an essential skill when you're trying to get people to change their behavior. He's also one of the nicest and most thoughtful people I've worked with in this industry and can be counted on to get the job done right the first time in a courteous and gentlemanly way.”